A Little Bit Racey: A Little Bit Wossy

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  • Song Name: A Little Bit Racey S02E07: A Little Bit Wossy
  • Artist: James Cottle, Samuel Hutchinson, David Ruddock & David Wylie
  • Album: A Little Bit Racey
  • Year: 2015

In a recent shocking turn of events; ITV talk show host, Jonathan Ross, has been suspected of kidnapping his BBC predecessor, Graham Norton! It is claimed that “Wossy” is jealous of the Irishman’s superior guests, ratings and on-set upholstery, and is desperate to regain his old slot over on the beeb. However unbeknownst to them; a far more powerful force on the other side of the Atlantic has an even more devious plan for the chat show legends. Can our teams stop the potential ‘Chatocalypse’ in time?