Welcome to Budley: Episode 5

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  • Song Name: Welcome to Budley: Episode 5
  • Artist: Mal Carratt
  • Album: Welcome to Budley
  • Year: 2016

You’ve made the right decision to stay with us here in the devastated dwelling of Budley. A place so small; that last week during a local amateur boxing match, both men had to sit in the same corner! In this episode, we religiously follow the exciting football developments in the Nunndes league and we’ll also tell you about the top noodle in Thailand, known only as ‘Chop Stick Chiwa’. We mourn the sad loss of Beryl (once the kids get out of the ball pool!) and young Marley is exited to discover the financial benefits of eBay. Lastly; “The Gnomeageddon Prevention Society” declares all out war! Will anybody make it out alive?