Cornucopia Radio Podcast 61: The Origins of Comic-Book Boy

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  • Song Name: Cornucopia Radio Podcast 61: The Origins of Comic Book Boy
  • Artist: Arken Mint
  • Album: Cornucopia Radio Podcast
  • Year: 2017

They are stories of heroism, strength and of courage. Stories in which one person can stand up against the darkness that surrounds us, and say with total conviction and self-belief; that they are the ‘light’. We see pages full of colour and life, in which kinetic action moves across the panels. Dancing in front of our eyes, filling our imagination with endless possibilities...

Comics are a way of life for so many people, but do we truly understand their power? More importantly; if that power was ever unleashed, would it be used for good or for evil?

So today, we're asking the question. What would we create?

A superhero, or perhaps... a monster?