Jocasta Plays With Dead Things

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  • Song Name: Jocasta Plays With Dead Things
  • Artist: David Heels
  • Album: Cornucopia Radio
  • Year: 2018

We’ve created this short audiodrama based on the opening scene of the feature film script ‘Jocasta Plays with Dead Things’, to help promote and get more people interested in this future film production. So to find out more about this story and the production company behind it; visit

It’s the story of a very peculiar young woman, who lives in an isolated shop in rural Victorian England, with only her dying father and her taxidermy collection for company. But one day, whilst out collecting road-kill, she spots a beautiful young man and falls hopelessly in love with him. However, her clumsy attempts to woo him go awry when she accidentally murders him.

Still, a dead boyfriend is better than no boyfriend at all…