The Killer Mine - Hammond Innes - Remake of 'Escape' OTR

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  • Song Name: The Killer Mine - Hammond Innes - Remake of 'Escape' OTR
  • Artist: Hammond Innes
  • Album: Cornucopia Radio Podcast
  • Year: 2023

Jim Price has been blackmailed by a criminal gang and forced to work deep underground, a half mile from shore and protected by only 20 feet of rock that he’ll soon be drilling and blasting. All he can do is pray to God that it doesn't cave in until he’s long on his way out.

But he’s not alone down here...

‘The Killer Mine’ is based on the novel of the same name by Hammond Innes. It was originally adapted into an episode of the 1951 CBS OTR radio series ‘Escape’ (the story from the novel heavily condensed to fit into the 30 minute format). It has been slightly re-written, edited and directed for 2023 by Peter Beeston. It has been remade for this years ‘Sonic Society’ summerstock festival in which modern audio-fiction companies take on the challenge of remaking classic ‘Old Time Radio’ shows.

The story is about Jim Pryce, a deserter from the British army who finds himself back in England working alongside criminals in an old abandoned tin mine. But they don’t want to mine any of this tin; instead they want to use the mine to illegally important liquor by exploding the main tunnel into the sea and flooding the mine.

Jim will have to fight for his life and escape the raging sea and a crazy old man if he’s to make it back to the surface and live another day.