Cornucopia Radio Podcast 18: Hitting The Wall

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  • Song Name: Cornucopia Radio Podcast 18: Hitting The Wall
  • Artist: Peter Beeston
  • Album: Cornucopia Radio Show Podcast
  • Year: 2009

It is said that Pheidippides, an Athenian herald, was sent to Sparta to request help when the Persians landed at Marathon, running 150 miles in just two days. After this, he then ran another 25 miles from the battlefield near the town of Marathon to Athens to announce the Greek victory over Persia in the Battle of Marathon with the word "Νενικήκαμεν", meaning 'We have won'. He then collapsed and died on the spot due to exhaustion.

Many years later; in the town of Sheffield, we find ourselves focused on the adventures of a very unfit man trying to complete his first ever Marathon. He’s only just started and already he’s thinking about catching a bus...