Cornucopia Radio Podcast 24: A Grave Reunion

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  • Song Name: Cornucopia Radio Podcast 24: A Grave Reunion
  • Artist: Nick Card
  • Album: Cornucopia Rasdio Show Podcast
  • Year: 2010

Steven Hutchinson was on his way to meet an old friend; somebody from his past for whom a dark secret had once been hidden.

Yet, as he crossed the road and approached the location they'd arranged to meet, he found himself trying to comprehend a myriad of emotions and questions he wasn’t sure he ever wanted the answer to.

He never saw the car that hit him that day. The car that killed him...

A Grave Reunion is the new Poetry-Play from Nick Card, telling the story of four friends coming back together again after ten years to morn the passing of somebody from their past. Somebody who is important to all of them...