Cornucopia Radio Podcast 25: Halloween Special

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  • Song Name: Cornucopia Radio Podcast 25: Halloween Special
  • Artist: Peter Beeston
  • Album: Cornucopia Radio Show Podcast
  • Year: 2010

Have you ever felt the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, the chills going up your spine until you feel like you have to shake this feeling off your back? No matter how silly it feels?

Or how about those times when you feel like someone is looking over your shoulder? So much so, that you can almost feel someone breathing down your neck?

Listening to this podcast, as you are right now; alone in a darkened room, the disturbing feelings become stronger than ever and so intense that you feel the need to keep looking behind you; just to reassure yourself that you’re still alone.

And that’s when it will strike.